Emma is a sensor based support system that allows you to stay in the comfort of your own home permanently

EmmaHome is set up in a modular way. Firstly, EmmaHome offers you a certified 24/7 on demand emergency response and call service. Regardless of an occurring emergency or simply in need to be contacted by your relatives – Emma Service will speak to you through EmmaHome and help you instantly.
Moreover, EmmaHome is connectable with smart products that simplify your everyday life. Via activity sensors Emma knows, that you are doing alright, smart door locks can be opened and locked through the help of our 24/7 call service. Additional appliances like fire detectors or stove guards can be individually, if necessary, placed throughout your home.

Suitable for different needs, depending on the individual need for support
Easy access due to the modular EmmaHome system
Simple handling with the intuitive voice control and voice output
Identification and reduction of potential hazards through smart products


Enjoy the comfort of your own home with Emma

The voice-controlled assistant connects service providers and support modules for more security and comfort at home.

The base station with integrated voice assistant forms the core of EmmaHome. It is controlled by voice or manually by pressing a button. Thus Emma connects all functions in the home for more security and convenience. All EmmaHome functions have a modular structure and can be combined individually.

SAFETY provided by your personal living assistant

EmmaHome Features

Emma offers practical and convenient features to simplify your everyday life.

voice control

Emma's tasks are individually adjustable by voice. The voice output, e.g. a reminder to take your pills, is generated using Emma's voice.

relative notivication

Emma includes your family members. Text messages can be sent to Emma and Emma reads the message to you. Emma also forwards messages to your relatives.


Emma ist expandable in your entire home and offers additional support and increases your safety.

optical signals

Emma supports you with additional optical signs when communicating with you. Choose the color of your choice.

Emma's Features

EmmaHome Basic includes a standard set of features. EmmaHome Extended allows you to expand your Emma features, depending on your individual needs.


  • 24/7 call support
  • on-demand emergency service
  • medication reminder
  • drink reminder
  • general reminder
  • wake-up call
  • sending messages
open features
close features


medication reminder

Emma reminds you to take your pills at adjusted times and asks you to verify the intake.

drink reminder

Emma asks you to drink enough throughout the day.


general reminder

Talk to Emma and tell her what you want to be reminded of and at what time.

wake-up call

Tell Emma when you need to get up in the morning or after you nap in the afternoon.

lighting signal

The lighting control enables switching on and off the lights by voice or movement.

door lock

The door can be opened conveniently at the push of a button using a pendant - even restless hands can operate this button. The door can be controlled by voice.

door lock PLUS

In case of emergency, it is possible for authorized persons, such as emergency organizations, relatives or neighbours, to enter the housing unit in order to provide assistance as quickly as possible. The forced opening of the door is thereby prevented. Relatives are informed about such an emergency.


sending messages

Send messages or receive messages through EmmaHome.


24/7 call service

Emma will connect you with an Emma Service employee by pressing a button. Depending on your needs, we organize the right information for the emergency response service, fire brigade, security forces or relatives. You can contact Emma Service using EmmaHome or the call service wristband.

activity sensors

The message "I'm fine" can be sent using an activity sensor for presence detection. This sensor can also be used for room monitoring in case of absence.

on-demand emergengy call

Emma Service organizes a blue light organization, fire brigade or a relative in the event of a call for help.

emergency call by voice

Falls are a very common cause of injuries within one's own four walls. Emma reduces response time by allowing you to respond to the most intuitive reaction in such an emergency - a call for help. With the emergency call base, an emergency call to integrated emergency call providers can be started by voice.

fall detection

Emma's fall protection not only detects falls but also prevents them by switching on the light when attempts to stand up are detected. If a fall does occur, it is detected by an infra-red sensor mounted on the wall and sounds an alarm to get help (from nursing staff, relatives, etc.).

fire protection basic

This feature contains a cooker detector in combination with a presence detector. Emma triggers an alarm when the electric cooker is not being monitored by setting acoustic and visual signals.

fire protection plus

Emma can prevent fires at the stove by turning it off. Fire protection base must be in place to use Plus.


Integration can be done easily with existing equipment.
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